Essay about Vitamin Normal water

History and Introduction

In the early 1990's, the moment Manhattan was hit by water toxins, Bikoff attempted to buy bottled water and found that except for the manufacturer name, there is very little big difference between the distinct brands of bottled water sold. Bikoff was looking for additional nutritional value rather than plain water. Finding none, he started doing an complex study about different firms making bottled water. He identified that this individual could use water vapor distillation to develop an alternative to bottled water. Bottled water was generally procured from spring suspensions and contained some mixed minerals, that could be eliminated using vapor distillation.

Bikoff then came up with the idea of beginning a company that can offer a healthy alternative to sodas and plain water. He decided to brand the company Glacéau; a combination of what glace (ice) and eau (water) which in turn signifies clean water.

Bikoff started the venture in the year 1996, via his dad's office in Queens, Nyc. He individuals R& D professionals to develop the company's initially product Glacéau Smartwater, that has been sourced via glacial water supplies in Connecticut, vapor unadulterated, and supplemented with electrolytes. With his previous expertise upon packaging, this individual asked his team to design a twenty ounce jar instead of the regular 16 ounces bottle. Another unique facet of the bottle was the sport limit. With the popularity if the product packaging, several beverage manufacturers started using limits on the containers. Bikoff then got the bottle re-designed and the bottle of wine was made available in half liters, one liter, and one particular and a half liters sizes.

The next item was Fruitwater, introduced in 1999. This was Smartwater with the added flavor of fruits and it was sugar free. Fruitwater was the initially non0carbonated drinking water with a fruits flavor. The water was subjected to pasteurization due to which completely a long your life though simply no preservatives were added. Fruitwater was available in several flavors including melon, mint, pineapple, and grape.

It was in the year 2k that Bikoff realized the potential for water improved with vitamins. What started the understanding was a tedious yoga treatment after which he previously a drink of water along with a Vitamin C wafer. The water-Vitamin combination proved extremely refreshing and planted thinking about water increased with Nutritional vitamins in his head. To formulate the method for drinking water with vitamin supplements, he started taking care of the product together with a team comprising a nutritionist, a microbiologist, and a food man of science.

Bikoff felt the name should certainly reflect the truth that the item was not basically water although water with additional vitamins and nutrients. It was not long before this individual realized that he was creating a new category of product known as improved water. It's is defined as a category based on delivering value added nutritional benefits in a hydrating beverage, in order that people can drink more normal water with more use occasions.

When the products had been ready, the battle was to get shelf space from suppliers. These were concerns in distributing this product through major merchants, as they weren't willing to provide expensive space space for new products. There were several small retailers who were ready to take a look at new products. These types of retailers were highly impressed by the fact that Bikoff was delivering and promoting the items himself and it was that they who offered him a chance. By in the beginning targeting more compact stores, the organization built up demand. The product's unusual appearance and unconventional packaging attracted the customers.

Primarily companies like Pepsi and Coca-Cola ignored the Glacéau product as being a passing fad, but with the merchandise gaining popularity and outselling their products like Dasani and Aquafina they were forced to take notice. In 2002, Skol introduced fortified water, Dasani Nutriwater, and Pepsi came up with Aquafina Basics. However , nor of the two did well at the market and both items were afterwards discontinued....