Essay about Rough Draft

Shantaniece Esters


I will argue that curfew will need to keep young adults out of trouble.

Teens should have a curfew to remain out of trouble as it could be risky if teens stay out late, they could be involved with criminal activities, and helps them to stay focus and finish high school. First, it might be dangerous because teens ought to know that they have to always be home at a certain period, and their parents will enforce that regulation. Too many teens are perishing late at night, causing injuries from careless driving. A lot of worst activities they might be involved by a later night. It is also a safety as well as a environment boundary; teens can still have some fun and get home at a great hour from the night. Odd people going for walks, this could lead to rape. It could cut down on young drinking, cigarette smoking, and team related activities, curfews are set to guard from virtually any danger. Second, they could be linked to criminal activities; they should open gaming arcades and have adults in individuals places to supervise slightly. Give young adults places which might be open following school as well as the evening, a park wherever they can skate or play sports. Teenagers need to end breaking open public things, undertaking drugs, losing cars, or getting pregnant. It might protect teens from turning into victims of a crime, and keeping the younger generation off the pavements at night. Curfew is way of eliminating violence. Thirdly, it can help them to stay safe and finish Senior high school. They need relax for institution so they can focus and concentrate throughout the day, learning values, discussing issues and doing a thing constructive. Teens should spend more time with their families. The younger generation aren't but aware of the outcomes of staying up too late, remaining in school and making very good grades much more important than messing around with the friends at nighttime. In conclusion, teens should have curfews to stay away of difficulty because with no curfews, teenagers would still be out and last and last. It educates them responsibility and to make certain...