Essay regarding Torture

Money Dictates NFL's Actions

Michael White colored, a former NFL player to get the New Orleans Saints, was obviously a sixth rounded draft decide on. During training camp White colored attempted to undertake a blitzing linebacker. The linebacker happened to run full rate, smashing in to the side of White's head. This sent White traveling by air into the floor, knocking him out for a few minutes. Afterwards White-colored stood up and continued to play, attempting to actually hold his head up. Today, White colored struggles to keep up a normal your life. At times he loses his ability to talk and to approach. He must have eight different types of medication to be able to control his migraines which occur daily. He even offers trouble focusing and must spend the majority of his time in dark areas to control his headaches. White-colored is suing the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE over the head injuries that he sustained during his years in the NFL. White was among the a player who also continued to play while concussed, while the NFL's wallet acquired fatter. The longevity of every athletes' wellness in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE should be on the fore front of the concern of the organization; therefore more strict rules and regulations must be put in place to insure the protection and durability of the institutions main supply of profit- players. Losing money can be holding the NFL backside from changing the overall culture of the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE, therefore they are really not undertaking enough to reduce the risk of mind injuries, that happen to be continuing to rise at a dangerous rate.

In the past, many NFL players were ignorant of how dangerous concussions really had been. Joe Namath, a former Jets quarterback came out on the beginning episode of Showtime In the NFL and gave his overall judgment on the concern of impurete within the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. He explained, " The NFL is responsible for the problems done to players from the previous. ” " Back then players knew what smelling salts were, although no one discussed concussions” (qtd. in Waldron). Today, thousands of formal NFL players will be suing the NFL over concussion related injuries. Players in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE suffer from impurete each week...

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