Essay regarding Theme of Fahrenheit 451

Andres Rosas

August six, 2014

English III M Unit 10

The concept of the duality in " Fahrenheit (f) 451”

The book " Fahrenheit (f) 451” by simply Ray Bradbury is an extremely effective novel. That speaks volumes regarding the nature of human being society, and exactly how it behaves under the conditions of a hopeless dystopia. In achieving this, Bradbury forces the theme of duality with the specific instances of Montag, the destruction of the city, and the Phoenix. This individual does this so he can illustrate clearly the duality of how creation may be derived possibly in the wake of say destruction.

Dude Montag is a anti-hero of the story; he can a Fireman in the dystopian city, whose job is to burn books. Montag's primary destructive nature is made noticeable by the reality he required great delight in losing books. Also from the beginning with the book, when the first thing crafted is " It was a pleasure to burn”, the size of Montag is manufactured very obvious. The mix and match of this circumstances arises when, after Montag witnesses a classic lady commit suicide to shield her catalogs, he starts to steal and hide books. He does this because he seeks answers, answers to inquiries like how come people like the old woman do what they do, and how come depression overpowers and haunts him. Montag's creative nature in stealing books is created even more obvious when it is discussed in the new, via the quotation " Therefore it was the palm that started it all”, that this individual takes the books subconsciously, without even thinking about it. Montag's preliminary love to get burning ebooks, but later on love for hiding these people, clearly displays the duality of creation arising from destruction.

Moving on, one other instance in the novel that illustrates the duality of creation coming from destruction is definitely when the city is ruined in the Great War by bomber jets. Throughout the novel, it is mentioned here and there that jets fly over the town often , hinting at a coming warfare. This fact eventually manifests itself the moment, at the end from the novel, the city is finally destroyed by...