Essay regarding The Thailand Tuna Industry: a Profile

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The Korea Tuna Industry: A Profile

Rendir Allan Notara and Zarina Hipolito

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About the Experts Cesar Allan C. Vera is a Program Manager of the CBCRM (Community-based Coastal Resource Management) Useful resource Centre, an NGO in Quezon Town, Philippines, which promotes learning and expertise management in CBCRM contexts in the Thailand and among partners in Southeast Asia. He features long offered as Executive Director of SIKAT, a great NGO endorsing CBCRM, and as Chair of NGOs pertaining to Fisheries Reform, a coalition of NGOs advocating insurance plan changes in Philippine fisheries. Zarina Hipolito, that has a degree in journalism and community advancement, is a Research Associate from the CBCRM Source Centre. She gets been a trainer in various countryside expansion initiatives through rural electric power co-operatives of the National Electrification Agency, wherever she previously worked.

SAMUDRA Monograph

The Philippines Tuna Industry: An account

Cesar Allan Vera and Zarina Hipolito

International Collective in Support of Fishworkers www.icsf. net


We. II. 3. IV. V. VI. Intro Philippines Fisheries The Korea Tuna Industry: A Brief History Chumbera Production Manufacturers Post-harvest Facilities 1 3 13 15 22 thirty eight 43 48 54 70 61 63 64 66 67 69 Skipjack Tuna Production Eastern Little Chumbera Production Yellowfin Tuna Creation Frigate Rondalla Production Council Directive of 16 06 1992 (92/48/eec) passed 16 June

VII. Financing and Marketing VIII. Tuna Administration IX. Conversation Endnotes Sources and Interviews Appendix A: Appendix B: Appendix C: Appendix M: Appendix Elizabeth:

List of Numbers

Figure you: Figure two: Figure a few: Figure four: Figure five: Figure 6: Figure 7: Figure almost 8: Philippines Sea Jurisdictional Boundaries Regional Map of the Philippines Flowchart of Tuna Sector Overall Philippine Fishery Creation (Volume & Value), 1980-2004 Fisheries Production per Sector in MT, 1980-2004 Fisheries Production per Sector in P (‘000), 1980-2004 Trade Performance in MT, 1994-2003 Trade Efficiency in US $ (fob or totally free on board), 1994-2003 i ii a couple of 4 5 6 six 8

Determine 9: Physique 10: Figure 11: Determine 12: Number 13: Physique 14: Determine 15: Figure 16: Figure 17: Determine 18: Figure 19: Determine 20:

Total Tuna Production by Sector, 1995-2004 Creation per Kinds: (a) 1995-2004, (b) Discuss per Varieties, 2004 Skipjack Tuna Production per Sector, 1995-2005 Frigate Tuna Production by Sector, 1995-2004 Yellowfin and Bigeye Tuna Development by Sector, 1995-2004 Eastern Little Chumbera Production by Sector, 1995-2004 Traditional Handline Vessel or perhaps Banca Mom Pumpboat with Kawa-kawa (Auxiliary Boats) Carried on the Outrigger Lilima (One-Fifth) Sharing Scheme Purse-seiner Chumbera Exports (a) Volume in Tonnes and (b) Benefit in US$ (000), 1994-2003 Fishery Merchandise Imports, year 1994, 2003

17 17 18 19 twenty 21 21 27 twenty nine 33 46 47

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Stand 1: Table 2: Circulation of Sportfishing Vessels Production of Philippine and PNG-based Philippine Purse-seine Bilateral Access Vessels in PNG Seas, 2000-2004 Predicted Tuna Fleet Structure Chumbera Canneries on the whole Santos Town and Predicted Capacity and Utilization Unloading Volume simply by Foreign Longline Vessels in Davao Fish Port, 2000-2004 MSY, TAC and Get Estimates of Select Chumbera, 2004 6th

22 twenty three 40 twenty four 52

Desk 3: Stand 4: Stand 5: Desk 6:

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Farming Competitiveness Improvement Fund Culture and Fisheries Modernization Action Association of Southeast Cookware Nations Free of charge Trade Association Autonomous Location of Muslim Mindanao Bureau of Agricultural Statistics Bureau of The fishing industry and Marine Resource Managing The newest place in the Israel covering the pays of Agusan del Aspiracion, Agusan del Sur, Surigao del Septentrion, and Surigao del En allant sur Common Effective Preferential Contract price Department of Agriculture Section of Environment and Normal Resources Office of...