Essay regarding The Feasibility of Banana Peelings because Source of White vinegar

The Feasibility of Clown Peelings because Source of Vinegar


The goal of this analyze is figure out banana peelings could also be an alternative source of vinegar. This research could also identify what are the other nutrients that banana peelings need to make white vinegar out of it. To be able to launch the goal of the study, the researcher manufactured experiments relating to on how to help to make vinegar away of clown peelings. The researcher obtained all the elements needed to get this to experiment. The consequence of this study is significant to the contemporary society because, even as we could see, most of us merely throw the peelings of the clown after eating. Rather than throwing it away, we could still utilize its peelings. The speculation of this research is acceptable because it problems the taste from the vinegar because the result from your experiment, likewise the elements. This includes the odor the vinegar may possibly have. PHASE I:



Musaceae musa or perhaps also known as the Banana plant. Bananas happen to be fast-growing herbaceous perennials as a result of underground rhozomes. The clown is of great nutritional value. It contains Vitamin C - 8mg and a high grade necessary protein, which includes several of the necessities amino acids. Fresh banana is advantageous in acidity. Heartburns as a result of consumption of tea could be neutralized ( eat two bananas before taking tea ). Very low total amount of twelve. 738 mg Vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Clown plant or plantation is abundant in the Philippines and since we no longer make use of the clown peelings. Since the banana flower contains, a big amount of acid, in that case we could make use of the banana peelings as an alternative supply of vinegar. This is why the investigator came approximately study the way the banana peelings from ready ones, can be made into white vinegar.


This study attempts to test the feasibility of the banana peelings to be made into vinegar. This kind of study can show the significant use of the banana peelings....