Essay about The Egypt Revolution Effects

The Silk Revolution


The Egypt revolution was as spectacular event. It was a great step towards liberty and democracy. This innovation was regarded as by the entire world being one of the greatest revolutions of modern globe history. It has restored pride and admiration to Egypt and Egyptians as a whole. However , this innovation is not even close to over. You may still find plenty of hurdles ahead, which is normal next any revolution that occurred throughout background. These obstacles and immediate effects happen to be: the lack of stability which could become felt all around the country, the financial problems which have affected the economy in the entire country, as well as the different and sometimes clashing point of views among Egyptian residents on how the nation should move ahead.

The 1st effect of the revolution may be the instability which can be felt everywhere in the country. This sort of instability occurred due to the deficiency of security and loss of rely upon police after their physical violence against protestors during the initial phases of the trend. Despite the relaxing attitude with the protestors throughout the early days, law enforcement officials were very cruel in how they dealt with the situation, killing almost 800 people and injuring much more. A reporter for Approach Ahram Newspaper reporter Lina El-Wardani was an eye-witness to this brutality, she creates: " The demonstrators, who were mostly young people not associated with any personal party, had been walking peacefully down the corniche (save because of their chanting) when suddenly a team of police thugs stopped these people, started firing tear gas grenades, and began fiercely beating upon everyone, running after them because they tried to get away. ” (El-Wardani, par. 2). In addition to this many dangerous criminals managed to avoid from prisons and law enforcement officials offices. This resulted in elevating robbery and crime rates, to make people experience less protect. Furthermore, the remnants with the old routine are still planning to overcome the revolution by simply creating mayhem...