Essay regarding The Fee of the Lumination Brigade

Head of the family Alfred Tennyson wrote the poem, " The Demand of the Lumination Brigade” in 1854 in order to commemorate the valiant effort and braveness of the six hundred men whom made a charge during Great Britain's Crimean warfare effort. 12 months before the challenge took place, Master Tennyson experienced just been made poet laureate of Great Britain (Charge in the Light Brigade, History). The British had been engaged in the Crimean conflict against Russian federation during this time period. The fee depicted in " The Charge in the Light Brigade” took place at the Battle of Balaklava. The British were winning this important challenge, but because of confusion in the chain of command the orders given to make the charge were actually a mistake. non-etheless, Lord Adam Cardigan led his 1000 men over a charge, that was considered a near committing suicide mission. They ended up facing around 40 percent casualties. Tennyson published this poem not to remember the war effort in the British, but for praise the bravery of the men who fought valiantly and chanced their lives.

The poem has a interesting contact form, it is in dactylic size, which gives the poem a rhythm and evokes the of males galloping towards battle issues horses. The poem tells the story of the battle, whilst also adoring the bravery of those who fought. In the first lines, " Half a League, A split league // Half a league onward, ” Tennyson produces a sense of images where the reader can almost picture the men because they ride towards their enemy as if the readers were encountering it on their own (1-2). The word " league” (1), which will represents a distance of three a long way leads the reader to picture the fight about a mile off coming. Tennyson then uses a metaphor, the " valley of death” to depict the scene from the battle (3), portraying the idea that the soldiers were using onward to a committing suicide mission. Furthermore, this metaphor glorifies the soldiers' valiant effort and bravery since the soldiers understand they are faced with a high probability of death, yet they continue...

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