Essay about Syllabus: Strategic Management and Global Business

Course Syllabus

Course Word and Number: MGT 448

Course Name: Global Organization Strategies

Study course Schedule: Oct – Dec ‘07

Training course Location/Times/Forum:


Primary Forum

This is the main forum pertaining to the class. It includes read-and-write get for students and school. Discussion Concerns for each week will be submitted in this forum.


This is a write-only forum where the pupil will post ALL tasks.

Chat room online community

In this discussion board, you can present comments in a roundabout way related to the topical threads in the Main Class but that you believe happen to be of interest for the class. These types of topics may include tales of personal anecdotes, incidents at work, things you have read, etc . Communication from this forum will not count toward participation items.


This discussion board is write-read for the trainer and read-only for students. It is where the syllabus, lectures, and also other instructional text messages will be posted.

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Learning-Team -A

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Required Course MaterialsLinks to course materials and digital resources for weekly of class are situated on the page of the scholar Website. Content material is divided by weeks. Instructor's Brand: Timothy Mills

Telephone: 774-719-2266 (Home)

University of Phoenix, arizona E-mail Addresses: [email protected] phoenix, arizona. edu Alternative E-mail Treat: [email protected] com

Availability: By means of cell – week nights after eight: 00pm (ET) or via email anytime M-F Pleasant!

Welcome to MGT 448!

" This can be a past-paced 5-week problem-based learning school focused on understanding sound global business tactics. Please make certain you have access to the eResource elements. This is where you will find your every week readings, and assignment traces.

Moreover, you should ensure you are employing your UoP Email Address. Often , I will send you course materials via the e-mail. As well, I like for students to send me personally personal questions to me by means of my UoP and not to my personal e-mail.

Be aware-- It is rather easy to fall behind in on the web courses – yet, very difficult to cope up. Therefore , My spouse and i encourage you to do your homework, and come to class able to participate. I love to keep the discussion posts closely tied to the subject matter, but fun! Teamwork prompt - you may working with a team that will come to depend on the timely type. So , similar participation is vital.

In addition , I usually like to get my own weekly responses out by early weekend (Saturday or early Sunday), and past due assignment syndication will are likely to delay this kind of timely feedback for all. I actually strive to come with an open and easy-going learning atmosphere; global business strategy can be tough – although I believe learning about global organization is essential to becoming a powerful leader and understanding the problems in global strategy should be fun!

My goal is to make sure all students excel and master almost all learning aims. Therefore , co-operation, respect and participation simply by all category members are crucial to meet this goal. Make sure you respect the opinions more and their directly to express those opinions. "

Finally, feel free to contact or contact me via my own UoP post office box ([email protected] phoenix az. edu) or by house phone 774-719-2266. Also, do not forget Tech-Support that can be come to at (877-Tech-UoP).

Teacher Bio

Howdy Everyone, Now i am Tim Mills

Good Day!

I'd like to give you a speedy rundown in who I am, what I do, and also other little information that make me " Bernard! " Tidbits:

My spouse and i am a great " East Coaster. " I was delivered, raised and educated in Boston, MOTHER. So yes, I do discuss funny! And still think the Red Sox can win the World Series – once again in my life time!! I do just like the " bustle & bustle" of the East Coast although not the snow shoveling; -( I reveal my live with 1-wife and 3-gorgeous kids. Besides child-rearing duties, I enjoy camp and play basketball with my children and " Fly" -our crazy Boundary...