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SurfAid is known as a nonprofit education organization whose aim is usually to improve the wellness, wellbeing and self-reliance of people living in separated regions connected to us through surfing. SurfAid views the mission to enhance health and wellbeing as an invaluable purchase in the future with the Mentawai and Nias persons. Key stakeholders are the communities and individuals, regional government and partner non-governmental organisations. The programs stand for an integrated method to improving well being and we search for lasting improvement through cost effective, high-impact affluence SurfAid, in partnership with communities and government, functions to prevent disease, suffering and death through educational programs and overall health promotion that aim to alter poor health behaviors and reduce the chance from normal disasters.

SurfAid's target is to empower communities to assist themselves and create local capacity so all their improved health resilience can be sustainable. All of us advocate health and wellbeing for all and create collaborative relationships with other stakeholder organizations wherever we are able to so as to further sustained enhancements made on behaviour and development.

Our community based overall health programs involve education in nutrition, care, healthy conditions, and disease prevention -- including mosquito net division. In response to a unfortunately frequent need, we have built a great award winning capability in Unexpected emergency Preparedness and still have delivered functional, locally-based Urgent Responses. SurfAid follows the organisational values of accountability, transparency and partnership.

Our actions epitomise the universal human being values stated through regional and global citizenship -- empathy and compassion, respect for community, social rights and collateral for all, monetary, environmental and social sustainability, and a belief that individuals can all make a difference. For what reason they do this:

Nearly one out of 10 Mentawai children tend not to it for the age of five...

You will discover 8. almost 8 million children under five dying around the world each year (UN Report 06 2010). SurfAid's research (conducted with the University of Indonesia) shows that nearly one in 15 Mentawai kids do not make this to the age of five, which is 15 moments the death rate in developed countries where, typically, there are six deaths for each and every 1, 000 live births.

In the Mentawai and Nias where SurfAid works, much more than 70 per cent of the human population lives under the poverty line and they have shocking overall health figures. | + In the Mentawai, 41% of children underneath five are stunted and a further 33% are underweight.

& In Nias, 34% will be stunted and a further 34% are underweight.

+ There is a poor knowledge of what constitutes good diet and very good basic care.

When SurfAid commenced their programs:

& 87% of pregnant women in Nias, and 66% in the Mentawai, will be anaemic.

+ 12% of Mentawai mothers exclusively breastfeed infants in the first half a year of life. | We all run our programs inside the Mentawai Island destinations, 150km off Indonesia's Western Sumatran seacoast, and Nias Island, 125km off the North Sumatran Seacoast. The local people in this isolated and unique island chain deal with many life-threatening challenges, with diseases such as acute breathing infection, diarrhoea and wechselfieber, and birth complications, having a serious toll. Malnutrition is definitely an everyday actuality for equally children and adults and natural disasters in the form of tsunami and earthquake add to the concern of bettering the health and wellbeing in the village communities.

The SurfAid Community Centered Health Program (CBHP) happens to be being executed in thirty-three villages in Nias (35, 000 people) and we work with 60 communities in the Mentawai (20, 000 people) since the October 2010 tsunami Where:

We all deliver the programs inside the Mentawai Destinations, 150km (90 miles) away Indonesia's Western world Sumatran seacoast, Nias Isle, 125km (80 miles) from the North Sumatran Coast, Banyak Islands (off North Sumatra/Aceh) to the north of Nias,...