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The Structure of London

There are many famous historic locations in the world, and there are especially various historic places in England. The town of London, uk, England, is known as a city of background dating to the Roman Empire. London has popular cathedrals, castles, squares, and other sites of historical significance. One of the earliest, and the most well-known, castle in London is the Structure of London, uk. The Structure has was for 907 years as a symbol of power of the English monarchy (Fletcher Internet).

The Tower's origins started with a chisme that Ruler Edward III, Edward the Confessor, guaranteed William of Normandy, the Duke of Normandy, the English throne after Edward was departed (Sedivy Internet). On is deathbed, nevertheless , Edward gave his throne to Harold Godwinson, Earl of Wessex. When media reached Normandy that there was a new Full of England, King Harold II, Bill was so enraged in the betrayal that he produced an army, and sailed over the English Funnel to catch the English throne by simply force. In October 16, 1066, Bill defeated Harold II of England, the King of England, in the Battle of Hastings. William's victory over Harold 2 earned Bill the title of William the Conqueror. William's ultimate triumph came on Christmas Day in 1066 when William the Conqueror was coroneted as William I, Full of England (Tower of London Internet).

As a foreign california king, William needed to dominate his new themes. The best way to do that was to build castles that dominated the entirety of his fresh kingdom. In 1078, William chose to build his most famous castle around the largest slope that put along the north side in the Thames River. William believed that this Tower system would be the " symbol of his power, a castle of his defense, and a prison intended for his enemies" (Fisher Internet). The tower William featured about would become the Light Tower. William oversaw the construction of the Tower until it was finished two decades later, in 1097 (Fisher Internet). Initially, the Tower consisted of a...

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