Essay about Social Disengagement Theory Unit 4

Social Disengagement Theory

This theory was developed and discovered in 1961 by two

theorist called Cumming and Henry. Disengagement

theory is when an older adult isolates themselves from the

contemporary society; this is a process of shared withdrawal. This is

when elders slow down and aren't able to the actual things

we were holding once able to do by way of example this may include

golf, soccer ball, bingo, visiting friends and family and lots of

other interests, this can also include under your own accord retiring as expected by society. They may disengage from their

prior social tasks as they recognize that they will expire in the future likewise they may disengage from interpersonal involvement as

they have constrained opportunity's because they get older.

Main reasons why elders might be

restricted by social involvement;

Ill-health- A few elders may have poor mobility or perhaps problems that might include hearing problems or problems with perspective; this may generate interaction to people demanding. Geographical mobility- Many parents may cease working to locations that are a long way away from their friend or family. This could be as a result of younger persons moving away from older people because they will seek better housing or perhaps employment.

Retirement- When an older person retires from operate this may lead them to lose exposure to colleagues in a social establishing and in some cases these might be their only good friend. In this condition, it may cause them to lose exposure to the outside world. Ill- health of friends and family- In the event that friends or perhaps family members have any health problems or perhaps disability's that may cause them to have poor mobility; this may mean they are going to lose contact with a certain individual as it hard for them to arrive at places they need to go. Travel and technology- in some cases it can be difficult intended for an older to go areas they desire as they do not have use of a car, internet or they might not have access to a mobile phone or in some cases they could have a mobile phone nonetheless they may find this problematic to use. For example in the event that an...