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Riordan Business Devices

Verne Weikle


September 12, 2012

Michele Petrone

Executive Overview

Riordan Manufacturing's (Riordan) Chief Executive Officer has asked a review of almost all Riordan's organization systems given on Assistance Request SR-rm-012 (University of Phoenix, 2013). The comprehensive assessment will provide management the information necessary to determine any kind of improvements to Riordan's organization systems. Initial, the review will evaluate Riordan's existing business systems simply by department whilst noting virtually any interrelationships among departments. The review will likely provide virtually any business system suggestions that may increase output in every single department. The Accounting & Finance and Operation department's two principal alternatives happen to be consolidating the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) at San Jose and the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). Other improvements are implementing Vendor Supervision Inventory (VMI), adding get control to the intranet, implementing both Client Relationship and Management systems, and workstation upgrade in the Pontiac plant. Departments reviewed are Accounting & Financing, Human Resources, Legal, Sales & Marketing, and Operations. Accounting & Fund

The accounting systems by Riordan's several plants and headquarters operate completely self-employed of each various other. Monthly accounting records in the 3 plants are all consolidated to the headquarters' accounting system at San Jose by simply uploading data files and manual entry. Due to amount of time required to update the San Jose accounting system, Riordan's month to month accounting reports are not obtainable until right before the next month. Also, audits of the accounting information require many man-hours to perform. Riordan management is not pleased with the existing accounting program situation and would like tips about a solution for the problem. The San Jose location includes a fully licensed SAPВ® ERP system which was created specifically for the plastic manufacturing industry. The Pontiac, MI plant bought a customized ERP program; however , the corporation that created the system is no more in business. The Albany, GA plant as well purchased an ERP program which is at present contractor supported. The Hangzhou, China herb has a certified SAPВ® ERP system same as San Jose. Based on the current system infrastructure, two of the most economical alternatives for Riordan are either switch most accounting and production users to the same SAPВ® ERP system at San Jose or implement an EAI system. The only ERP substitute consolidates all of Riordan's ERP databases for the San Jose ERP computers. The first step in the consolidation process is to move the Chinese suppliers plant databases to San Jose. Because both places use a SAP ERP program, the process needs to be straight forward. Subsequent, both the Albany and Pontiac plants will need new Home windows workstations. In the beginning only a few of these systems will probably be needed for schooling the users for both plants on ERP. Once initial training is completed, all the older workstations will probably be replaced. Throughout the training period, the ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING database will be compared to the SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS ERP database at San Jose to develop a data immigration plan. Once training is definitely complete, the Pontiac and Albany ERP's transactions will probably be incorporated for the San Jose ERP database based on the migration ideas for each plant. The benefits of the same enterprise extensive ERP systems is data from every plant no longer need to be viewed and noted into the San Jose IM OR HER system either by software or manual entry. The accounting staff will see significant reduction in man-hours required for creating monthly and audit accounting reports. Transitioning to a one ERP program will need significant funding to back up new permits, equipment, and training. Combining the databases to San Jose, crops will be required to maintain ongoing communication with San Jose. Loss in communication may result in work stoppage. The EAI approach...

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