Essay about Rebranding Top notch Paint


Letter of Transmittal

ZarjinaTarana Khalil (ZTK)

Lecturer, College of Business

North To the south University

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Day: 01/01/2014

Subject: Report on dying brand- Elite Chemicals

Dear Ma'am,

Here is the record on the dying company Elite Chemicals which was the term report to get the term Fall'2013. In this report we have re-branded High level paint which is a dying brand due to unappealing packaging and lack of marketing. Thus, we have re-launched High level Paints with a new logo and motto. We have covered the porters 5 causes model, Competition analysis, level of parity, point of declaration, industry place and launching activities off the reconditioned Elite paints. By doing the practical function, we recognized the relevant assumptive concept method better than any theory intense study session would. And so the scope on this report has become achieved. Likewise during our group function, we learned to connect better with each other and overcome our different individuality and occupied schedules. It is our exclusive chance to submit this kind of report to both you and we are impressed by giving all of us such learning and progressive tasks. When there is any issue or concerns regarding the report you may contact us by [email protected] com Sincerely,

Kamrul Hasan Shaon

Ishrak Rahman

Md. Moshiru Rahman

Maryland. Maintul Kader

Tahmid Rahman Tishat

Ansarul Haque


We state that every section of the Project Report on Top notch Paints posted to our study course instructor Zarjina Tarana Khalil, lecturer in the School Of Business of North South University is actually a record associated with an original work done by Kamrul Hasan Shaon, Ishrak Rahman, Md. Mainul Kader, Tahmid Rahman Tishat, Md. Moshiur Rahman and Ansarul Haque The outcomes embodied with this report have not been published to any other University or used in other course consequently. We accept that, in the event our trainer detects any kind of malpractice in relation to this survey, then he may not award us markings for our work.

Professional summary

A brandname is a name, term, indication, symbol or design, or a combination of these people intended to identify the goods and services of 1 seller or group of retailers from others. Branding a dying company is a huge challenge because one needs to re-establish the trustworthiness and value of the item. Bangladesh's color industry continues to be growing in a double-digit rate within the past several years. There are several large paint companies along with some small and insignificant ones. The market can be dominated by simply Berger, and then and Romana which are burning off their market to the fresh entrants RAK Paints and Navana Chemicals. (The Excellent Bank study shows Patre alone holds 48 percent market share, followed by Asian Chemicals 12 percent, Roxy 10 %, Pailac and Aqua every single 7 percent and Top notch Paints 5%. Uzala and Navana chemicals are also in the market. Market head Berger grew by 25 percent in 08 and Oriental Paints that entered the industry in 2002, whooping 50 percent. The local housing industry, which grew 20 percent a year ago, may excel this year, despite internal and external hurdles. ) Even so the ones popular Elite paints lost its position because of its unappealing package and logo and limited product line when compared with its competitors. Nevertheless, the established identity in industry and relatively lower price than all the Opponents can help us to capture the point market listed below Berger's goal group. Thus now our objective is usually to be the 2nd distributed paint by 2017. We are re-branding Top notch with a completely new look, new logo and fresh slogan and targeting the center class/upper central class, married/early income, people who have good flavor but cannot afford to paint their house relating to their dream. To improve our quality we have extended the product line along with some fresh attractions like lessons means paint the walls by yourself and advertising complimentary materials at a reduced rate (brush, ladder, etc)....