Essay regarding Rahim identified a tote

п»ї1. Rahim identified a handbag.

2 . The bag was full of money.

3. He looked about, there was nobody around.

5. He traveled to the police stop.

5. The policeman lauded him.

six. He was late to school.

six. He told his tutor.

8. A policeman found school

on the lookout for. Rahim was called by principal.

Previous Monday morning hours, Rahim was on his way to school as usual. When he was approaching his school, he saw a strange thing near the road. He stepped closer to the peculiar thing. Rahim found out that it was a carrier. The carrier was a lady's handbag. ( 48)

Then simply, he opened up the tote to check. The bag was full of funds. They were every Malaysia forex of RM100 notes. There was 25 packages of them. He had not found so much cash before. He felt mixture of fear and joy. He looked around, there was no person around. Ought to he keep your money or perhaps give to the police? (56) Finally he decided to surrender the money to the police. Then, he went to the closest police stop. He reported everything to the authorities who was working that day. The policeman praised him for his honesty. After signing the report, this individual rushed to school. Having been late to varsity that time. He explained to his instructor the reason why having been late. His teacher recognized him also. (70)

After a few days, a policeman reached his college. He traveled to see the main before seeing Rahim. After Rahim was called by the principal. The key was therefore proud of Rahim. He encouraged Rahim to keep up with the good actions. Rahim was rewarded Rm500 by the owner as a token of appreciation on his trustworthiness. (59) (232 words)