Essay about Prosecuting Web Bullying

Prosecuting Internet Bullies

Technology is generally being used to show off personal information about social networking sites for all in the world to see. With this kind of instantaneous technology, the school ansto? has usage of an easier, even more harmful, and anonymous way to bully their patient. Cyber intimidation has become a form of harassment that may be creating a myriad of problems teens and, therefore , needs to be managed properly.

The feeling of anonymity and the ability to disguise kinds identity on the net increases cyber bullying activity by " making entertaining of, sharing with lies, distributing rumors, threats and writing private information or pictures [online]” (Uhls lines 31-32). Despite the recent technological advancements, problems with bullying has been around for generations. At the mouse click, the intimidating information that could be posted on the web can be seen across the world for anyone to determine. Because even more people have entry to someone's private or embarrassing information, " an increased viewers can often cause more damaging bullying incidents” (McQuade 27). Cyber bullying can be committed any where with any time, consequently " the cyber bullies may not grasp the impact of their behavior on their victims” (Uhls line 9). Cyber intimidation can adversely affect an individual and even bring about depression and thoughts of suicide.

There are numerous well known stories of teenagers compelled to desperate, possibly suicidal acts after having been exposed to repeated harassment simply by others online. For instance, the devastating and well-known case of a 13-year-old girl known as Megan Meier, committed committing suicide allegedly as a result of cyber lovato (McQuade 141). After becoming friends with a boy the lady met on-line, Megan, who a long term struggle with excess weight and self-esteem, finally fulfilled a boy your woman thought your woman could trust. After several weeks of friendly conversations on-line Megan was eager to reinforce their romantic relationship by finally meeting one another in person. Flirtatious...