Essay about Promoting and Implementing Into the Safety

п»їUnit 4222-306 Promote and implement health and safety in health and social care (HSC037)

Outcome 1 Understand personal responsibilities, as well as the responsibilities of others, relating to into the safety

1 . The main laws is the Overall health & Safety at work Take action of mid 1970s, which will act as an umbrella to all other legislations which will we must comply with. These are split up as; MANUAL HANDLING PROCEDURE REGULATIONS 1992 -Moving & Handling – Techniques which are used to move persons and objects in a manor which will avoid injury POWER OVER SUBSTANCES UNSAFE TO WELLNESS 2002 (COSHH) –carers really should have a full knowledge of disposing of and storing of all substance especially with regards Contamination. All carers must be familiar with importance of infection control whilst tending to individuals REPORTING OF INJURIES DISEASES AND DANGEROUS OCCURENCES 1995 (RIDDOR) –The carer should have a fantastic understanding of certain requirements of credit reporting accidents and ill health FOOD SECURITY ACT 1990 - Meals Hygiene – The carer should be able to cook, prepare and store food which are safe and could avoid food poisoning. installment payments on your


Put on apron and gloves – wash hands before and after to maintain infection control Shop hazardous chemicals according to the producers instructions Know correct procedure in the event of a spillage

Eliminate hazardous waste materials in the correct manner


This act helps it be an offence to offer a assistance user polluted food that could be injurious to health. It is necessary as a carer that you check the date in food, assure it has been placed correctly, in fact it is cooked appropriately. Ensure it has not been contaminated by cross infection, therefore constantly wear ideal PPE once handling and preparing foodstuff. The carer should be able to cook prepare and store food which are safe and might avoid food poisoning.