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AMS572. 01 Practice Midterm Exam Fall, 2007

Instructions: This is certainly a close publication exam. Anyone that cheats in the exam shall receive a class of Farrenheit. Please provide complete alternatives for complete credit. Good luck!

1 (for all students in class). In a study of hypnotic suggestion, your five male volunteers participated in a two-phase trial and error session. In the first stage, respiration was measured as the subject was awake and at rest. Inside the second stage, the subject was told to imagine that having been performing muscular work, and respiration was measured once again. Hypnosis was induced between the first and second levels; thus, the suggestion to imagine muscular work was " hypnotic suggestion” for these subjects. The accompanying table reveals the measurements of total ventilation (liters of air flow per minute every square m of physique area) for any 5 subject matter.

|Experimental Group | |Subject |Rest |Work | |1 |6 |6 | |2 |7 |9 | |3 |8 |9 | |4 |7 |10 | |5 |6 |7

(1) Work with suitable check to investigate if there is virtually any difference between the two experimental phases with regards to total ventilation. Please state the assumption(s) of the ensure that you report the p-value. At the significance level of 0. 05, what is your bottom line? (2) Please write up the whole SAS software necessary to answer questions raised in (a). Please include the info step and also tests intended for testing pertaining to various assumptions.


(1) Assume that the difference [pic]is normal.

[pic] and [pic]

The hypotheses are [pic] v. s [pic].

The test figure is


Since [pic] and [pic], all of us...