Essay about Practical Program 1 Reflective Journal

Award in Getting ready to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Refractive Journal

Session One – Practical (13/10/10)

Sue Bracchi

The main points I have learned from this session are:

All of us started the session with an icebreaker which was incredibly specific. I discovered this incredibly challenging ?nternet site wanted to claim more than the one point that was allowed. The ‘Get/Give' activity was very believed provoking since it allowed me to really considercarefully what it was I actually wanted through the course and what I experienced I could help the course. Sue explained incredibly clearly which the assessment duties should be related to my subject matter, learners and environment. This I found a helpful piece of details and will make an effort to remember this while writing assessments. All of us then looked at reflective practice and between us came up with a definition. It is about describing what we should have done and after that acting after it. We then viewed each part of a refractive journal and thought about whatever we would compose in each section. I chose ‘What surprised me was... ' To the I responded that I was surprised by fact that most of the skills I already have may be transferred into teaching inside the Lifelong Learning Sector.

Could could develop my functional skills because of this period:

I think that my ability to write a reflective journal offers improved seeing that contributing to this kind of session, ?nternet site am at this point more mindful of being reflecting and contemplating developing expertise. I feel that a reflective journal is a very useful tool as it seriously makes you think about your practice etc . Again I feel that the utilization of icebreakers are extremely important and it is definatly a thing I will make use of when teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector.

How I could develop my knowledge and understanding as a result of this treatment:

I will spend some time this week browsing the training course handbook, while this will produce a better understanding of the requirements from the course. I will also use SmartScreen and Moodle...