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Lessons 9: PowerPoint presentations



POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS Creating slide shows and related materials



This lessons introduces one to the basic popular features of PowerPoint that happen to be particularly valuable in the teaching and learning environment. You will understand how to use PowerPoint to capture your opinions in outline form and convert individuals ideas in multimedia delivering presentations. You will also discover how to use the application to create your own delivering presentations both from scratch and with the accompanied by a one of the PowerPoint Wizards. Most people think of a slide show as a way of presenting a series of still pictures or photographs using a glide projector. If you consider this, however , a slide does not have to be a still picture; using PowerPoint it can also be a great audio or video clip. As an example, a glide does not have to be even a picture; it can also be text, an outline of ideas, what ever you need. PowerPoint provides an easy-to-use multimedia presentation development system, which you will no doubt get pleasure from learning and which you and your students will discover useful for individual or group projects of all kinds. In the numerous courses that you take since an Education main you learn tips on how to design curricula, with lesson plans and unit plans. In addition, you learn methodologies for effective teaching. The better the teacher you are, a lot more PowerPoint will empower you in your function. Here, then, are the issues that will be covered in this lesson: • • • • • • introductory thoughts about presentations; PowerPoint at the job; building the presentation; adding bells and whistles for the presentation; concealing slides and using Action Buttons; stamping presentation handouts.

A stipulation before you begin: Until now, things to accomplish the tasks assigned have already been rather detailed. This time, nevertheless , the directions will be less specific, particularly in the latter half of the lesson, because PowerPoint is a program you may figure out simply by playing with it. You'll find that you will soon turn into confident about how precisely to design and develop top quality multimedia go presentations. And so relax, and also have fun!


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Making a successful—well-designed, content-rich, pedagogically-sound—PowerPoint presentation requires focus and improve preparation. A presentation, just like a term conventional paper, is usually based on an outline just like is illustrated in Fig. 9. one particular and Fig. 9. 13 later inside the lesson.

The selected slide in the Outline is definitely shown right here so you can give it a look

Each slide icon shows a new slide in the display

Slide Watch toolbar

Fig. 9. 1 Outline (Normal View) to get the Tudor Monarchs presentation (annotated) Take a good look at Fig. 9. 1—study the annotations especially

Lesson 9: PowerPoint demonstrations


You observe on the left a plan of the text message for each slide in the Tudor Monarchs presentation. Compare the titles and text for each slide to the outline you should have made for the high school or college daily news. Similar, correct? This is why the outlining application is built in to PowerPoint—to assist you to plan. Remember the glowing rules of successful design and style: Rule 1—Plan; Rule 2—Plan; Rule 3— Plan! These types of golden rules apply if you are designing a term daily news, an audio-visual aid, a category outing, or a class syllabus and schedule. You might begin with a brainstorming session to acquire an outline. During brainstorming, members of the group will come up with as much ideas as is possible related to the main topic of the project. Nobody's ideas are rejected in the beginning so as to motivate a agricultural flow of useful suggestions. The result of the brainstorming period might be a somewhat disorganized list of tips. This list might have been moved into directly into the computer during the thinking session, or it might have been...