Essay about Proposal In E Barangay Information

п»їProposal of Barangay Database Management System

This system shall cover this functions:

1 ) ) Citizen Profiling (Department of Census)

The RPM manages standard information or perhaps profile of barangay citizens such as barangay ID quantity, full name, birth place, day of delivery, gender, city status, complete address, precinct, contact details, work records, parents/spouse information and the like. The system likewise monitors negative records of barangay citizens and maintains a record great issued barangay IDs and clearances. Every barangay citizen profile has a digital photo image to get proper identification which can be quickly taken from an online or digicam.

This system is very important in record keeping in the client barangay. It permits easy searching of data to locate and identify legitimate residents inside the area including individual account:

Information of resident (people who live)

Full name


Date of birth


Employment record

Civil position

Complete treat

Contact details

Parents / partner

Number of family members


2 . ) Barangay Resident ID (Department of Census)

The Module immediately generates barangay ID greeting card with a predefined flexible format or structure based on the saved profile. The ID card provides the name and address of the issuing barangay, ID number, full name and complete address with the ID holder, ID picture, validity period, blood type, height, area number, contact person in the case of emergency and etc. The barangay may put into practice ID system as long as it truly is supported or perhaps mandated with a local code or image resolution.

3. ) Administration Section

Barangay expulsion

This module prepares and images the barangay permits and certificates with photo catch.

The BCS automatically generates barangay measurement certificate applying an elegant style by providing a valid barangay IDENTITY number. The barangay distance shows information such as identity and addresses of the requestor or...