Essay about Personality and Consumer Patterns


" A desire is an inborn propensity to be, work, or think in a specific way. Whilst we perform change and grow, and could seem to be distinct at various times in our lives, our basic personality style continues to be the same”

Jan is known as a practical individual who likes to restoration automobiles and prefers any kind of job in which he doesn't have to become behind a desk all day.

Karen can be inquisitive individual that enjoys solving problems that require a lot of exploration.

Kathy is compassionate person who enjys aiding others.

Your personality is known as a consistent type of behaviors and emotional reactions that are present from childhood onward, developing as a result of genetics and environmental experiences. ---------------------------------------------

What is character? – those inner emotional characteristics that both determine and reveal how a person responds to his or her environment.

The emphasis on inner attributes – those specific attributes, attributes, qualities, factors and mannerisms that distinguish one person from an additional individual.

The deeply ingrained characteristics that we call individuality is likely to affect the person's product options: they impact the way consumers respond to marketer's promotional efforts. Therefore , the identification of specific persona characteristics connected with concumer behavior has confirmed to be highly within the development of a firm's market segmentation strategies.

How do you identify your persona?


1 Persona reflects individual


2 Persona is regular and


3 Personality can adjust

1 Individuality reflects specific

differences –individuals are a unique; not any two will be alike. Yet , individuals may possibly have similar traits which usually enable these to be group into segments and numerous be targeted according to the characteristic. Ex. an individual who has a substantial ethnocentrism (willing to accept overseas product) is a trait.

two Personality is consistent and


It is predictable and lasting. Although marketers are not able to change customers' personalities to conform to goods, they can try to appeal for the relevant qualities inherent inside their target number of consumers. Nevertheless , behaviour can transform according to other factors like psychological, environmental or situational. Pressures from group might cause a person to switch to a new company.

3 Character can change

Underneath certain instances, personalities can adjust - main life incidents such as marital life, childbirth, death of a father or mother, change in job.

Persona chg also in response to gradual growing old of age.


1 Freudian Theory

a couple of Neo-Freudian Theory

3 Characteristic theory

you Freudian Theory

Sigmund's Freud's psychoanalytic theory of character. This theory says that unconscious requirements and pushes esp. intimate and other neurological drives are in the cardiovascular system of man motivation and personality. This really is base on Freud's theory on the basis of person's recollections of early years as a child experiences, evaluation of their dreams and the certain nature of their mental and physical adjustment problems.

Id, Superego and Ego

Id is conceptualised as the warehouse of primitive or instinctual requirements for which individual seeks instant satisfaction. Basic physiological demands such as thirst, hunger and sex for which the individual seeks immediate satisfaction.

Superego is conceptualised while the person's internal expression of society's moral and ethical codes of execute. The role of superego is to notice that the individual fulfills needs in a socially suitable fashion. Superego restrains or perhaps inhibits the impulsive pushes of the id.

Ego is the individual's mindful control. That functions while an internal keep an eye on that endeavors to equilibrium the impulsive demands in the id and the sociocultural restrictions of the superego. freud emphasize that an individual's personality is created as he or perhaps...