Essay upon Character Analysis of Antigone

Figure Analysis of Antigone

Antigone is an award winning perform by Sophocles, one of the 3 best Greek dramatists of them all. Antigone is known as a mythical princess of Thebes. She is the product of the unintentional incestuous marriage between King Oedipus and Jocasta, which is Oedipus' mother as well. Antigone had two brothers and a sister: Polynices, Eteocles, and her sis, Ismene. After Oedipus found that he had wedded his mom, he fled, leaving Thebes to be reigned over by his sons. Polynices and Eteocles had their very own differences quarrelling over the throne. Polynices remaining Thebes and returned with an army to declare war on Thebes. The 2 brothers slain each other through the war, leaving Thebes to become ruled by simply Jocasta's brother Creon, as well the father of Antigone's fiancГ©, Haimon. Creon gave a proclamation declaring Polynices a traitor for the state and individuals, and therefore must not be given similar rewarding burial that Eteocles receives. Polynices is to be still left unburied. Antigone defied this law and buried her brother. Creon has sentenced her to death for her defiant activities. Antigone is a proud girl with a strong sense of duty to her family. The lady believes she's unjustly judged by Creon, therefore death isn't a matter for her, since she retains the gods' moralities over mortal laws and regulations.

The pleasure of Antigone is her tragic drawback. If the lady had been pliant and had conformed to the laws and regulations of Creon she would not need died. Antigone had a separate opinion within the matter and " she has never learned to yield” (II, 86). She was completely shameless in burying her sibling and refused nothing. In fact, when her sister Ismene offered to keep Antigone's activities a key, Antigone thundered, " Oh yea tell this! Tell everyone” (Pro 76)! She " dared” to defy Creon, and did not fear the consequences of her actions (II, 65). The girl even put her pride above Creon as she said, " Creon is definitely not sufficiently strong to stand in my way” (Pro, 36).

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