Essay about CHAPTER 6th Rizal


IN SUNNY SPAIN (1882- 1885)

• Rizal's Key Mission

This quest which Rizal conceived while using approval of his big brother Paciano was going to observe acutely the life and culture, languages and customs, industries and commerce, and governments and laws with the European nations in order to put together himself in the mighty job of delivering his opressed people coming from Spanish cruelty. This was evidenced in his goodbye letter that was delivered to his parents right after his reduction for Spain. • Secret Departure pertaining to Spain

Rizal's departure for Italy was stored avoid diagnosis by the the spanish language authorities and friars. Possibly his own parents would not know as they knew that they, especially his mother, would not allow him to get. Only his older brother (Paciano), his uncle (Antonio Arroyo, father of Leonor Rivera), his sisters (Neneng and Lucia), the Valenzuela family (Captain Juan and Capitana Sanday and their daughter Orang), Pedro A. Paterno, his compadre Mateo Evangelista, the Ateneo Jesuit fathers, and some intimate friends, including Chengoy (Jose Meters. Cecilio). The type Jesuit priests gave him letters of recommendation to the members with the society in Barcelona. He used the name Jose Mercado, a cousin by Biῆan. *May 3, 1882. Rizal left on board the Spanish machine Salvadora destined Singapore. • Singapore

Throughout the voyage to Singapore he carefully noticed the people and things on board the machine. The ship captain, Donato Lecha, via Asturias Spain.

*May 8, 1882. While getting close Singapore, Rizal saw a beautiful island. Fascinated with its scenic beauty, he remembered " Talim Area with the Susong Dalaga”. *May 9, 1882. The Salvadora docked for Singapore. Rizal landed, registered at Lodge de la Serenidad, and spent two days on the sightseeing soiree of the metropolis, which was a colony of England. He saw the popular Botanical Garden, the beautiful Buddhist temples, the busy searching district, as well as the statue of Sir Thomas Standford...