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Mohamed Naszeer Ahamed Nashath


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Outline for convincing speech

" Does sleeping late night results student's life”


Relating to my personal latest remark sleeping at the end of night has been a common decease among AIU students. Normally an individual is needed to sleep around 7 to 8 hours. When college students have the habit of sleeping late night people more dis advantages took place in there existence.


1 ) There are many reasons that make trainees late night sleepers.

1 Applying social networking sites in late night.

2 Organizing applications in late night.

3 Getting in to different friends rooms for chit-chatting's

4 Listening to music and watching video clips in nighttime.

5 Problems from roommates by deafening volume of music and watching movies. 6th Doing projects in late night time.

2 . Consequence of this trouble.

1 . Getting angry.

2 . Loosing attention in research.

3. Sleeping in classers.

4. Receiving absence to get classers.

several. Solutions to get over.

1 . Making a time desk in our useful life.

2 . Doing each of our assignments in day time.

3. Avoiding listening to music or watching films in late nighttime. 4. Don�t have any caffeine in night times.

5. Making your bedroom a friendly environment to sleep.


Since there are plenty of disadvantages because of this habit pupils must steer clear of sleeping late night. Students should be able to be easily fit into physically and mentally techniques. This can generate a healthy AIU family. And make pupils to organize higher goals in there lifestyle.