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Online trading is definitely the new idea in the stock market. In India, online trading is still in its infancy stage. Online trading has made that easy to transact in the currency markets as now people can trade when sitting at their home. Today stock market is easily accessible by people. There are several problems although doing the trade throughout the internet.

The current project should study the concepts and growth of on-line trading to investigate the online trading and its procedure. The job also tries to give a great in-depth knowledge about Securities, Derivatives: Future, Options, Capital marketplace: Primary Industry, Secondary Industry, NSE and BSE.

The study covers On the net Trading features in detail. The analysis attempts to study the advantages and drawbacks of on the net trading. The research collects most of the information via different extra resources besides primary details by discussing with different managers and customers who perform online trading.

The study was carried out for a period of forty five days and due to paucity of time a great in-depth research was not likely. Technology is dynamic in nature. Consequently this survey may be relevant only till there are zero changes in the technology. Secondary information may not be genuine.


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Online trading is the new concept in the stock market. In India, online trading continues to be at its infancy stage. Online trading has made it easy to trade inside the stock market since now people can transact while sitting down at their house. Now wall street game is easily available by the people. There are some complications while undertaking the transact through the internet. Major problem faced by on-line trader would be that the investors will be loyal with their traditional brokers; they rely upon the suggestions given by their very own brokers. One more major problem would be that the people you do not have full knowledge regarding online trading. They find it difficult to control them, like a wrong entry made by all of them, can bring all of them huge deficits.

The introduction of the net has astonishingly changed our way of life like a society. It has defined how we conduct business and the approach we correspond. The Internet has opened various opportunities intended for online trading. The monetary industry revolves around the Internet. All the pieces is just a few clicks away. This makes online trading easiest. But there are still investors whom prefer the older fashion method of offline trading and they mainly prefer off-line trading to get security causes.

Internet features a way intended for consumers to handle their money on-line. Not to mention, Net has transformed the way expense companies function their organization and has made it possible for private buyers to gain direct access to a range of different markets and on-line tools which were at one point just reserved by using investment experts. Consumer investing and online trading has dramatically improved over the last 10 years. Online trading dynamically continues to be redefined. Companies have broadened to include included management of more financial accounts. Not to mention, they have subsequently expanded in conjunction with ground-breaking improvements towards the traditional trading interface, just like telephone program systems.


1 . To analyze the different goods of ANGEL BROKING Limited.

2 . To examine the Growth of Online Trading.

3. To assess the online trading and its procedure in Angel B roking Limited.

four. To find out the simplicity accessibility of Online Trading for the users. 5. To discover the software employed by the company intended for trading and how flexible it is?...