Minoan Spiritual Symbols Dissertation

a) With reference to resource A and your own knowledge, describe Minoan religious symbols.

Religion performed a fundamental part in the lives of the Minoan Crete, illustrated amongst reoccurring religious icons eminent during their everyday life. A vast majority of Minoan religion is still unknown or unable to translate, yet specifics such as the religious beliefs being of polytheistic character and conceivable cult practices existing in the religion is definitely interpreted via evidence restored archaeologically. Based on these archaeological findings, many recurrent emblems have been learned to be of varying relevance to Minoan religion – the bull and its horns of devotion, the labrys (as portrayed in supply A), baetyl stones, trees and the serpent.

The half truths featured centrally within Minoan religion. A dominant image of masculinity, the half truths was the image of Zeus, the most strong of all the gods. The bull additionally shows up within Minoan mythological recounts as the most essential of sacrificial animals. Data that the Minoans had spiritual practices regarding bull surrender exists after the Aghia Triadha Sarcophagus, which describes a bulls blood getting drained, and a priestess placing it under an alter, enabling archaeologists to conclude that the majority of spiritual sacrifices included libation offerings. The sides of the half truths, referred to as ‘horns of consecration', were of equal importance to the Minoans. Many historians have provided various hypotheses regarding their particular meaning and what they symbolize. Nanno Marinatos states one of the most likely justification for the symbol was that it famous bull sacrifice, serving to elucidate the value of the bull within their religion. In 1934, Joseph Hazzidakis suggested which the Minoan ‘horns of consecration' derived from the Egyptian sign of the hill or the distance, and may have got represented the symbol of the Minoan sunlight deity.

The Labrys was obviously a double-headed axe used for woodworking, military and religious...