Internet Bullying Essay

Internet Lovato

A junior at Rutgers University, Tyler Clementi, submitted a adios message in the Facebook web page before he jumped to his fatality because of a web bullying incident. Tyler's roomie, Dharun Ravi, and his friend, Molly Wei, secretly shot Tyler throughout a " intimate encounter" in the dorm room and posted this live on the web. What the two thought was obviously a harmless bogus turned into a thing much more severe. According to ABC News, " Under New Jersey's invasion-of-privacy code, it is a next degree crime to collect or perhaps view photos depicting nudity or sexual contact concerning another specific without that person's permission, and it is a 3rd degree criminal offense to transmit or distribute such photos. The penalty for dedication of a third degree criminal offense can include a prison term up to five years. However , what these two do can never make up the loss of a life” (Friedman). Tyler Clemnti is not really the only one who may have been stressed over the Internet. A large number of children encounter an increasing number of hazards on the Internet because of sexual predators and pornography, although mainly because of sites bullying. This type of bullying is definitely increasing each day and is to become serious issue that children encounter on the Internet.

According to the Cyberbullying Research Center, an organization founded by two criminologists, Net bullying is identified as " willful and repeated harm” caused through phones and computers (Research).  Some examples of Net bullying are harassment, peer pressure, hazards of assault, and internal damage. It used to be that Net bullying was merely one person attacking another by way of Internet-enabled desktop personal computers on programs like forums and email. Only a few yrs ago, broadband Internet had not been as prevalent and social networks were not popular, so in these circumstances the problem was less prevalent (Stop Cyberbullying- Guidebook for Parents). However , today we are in a world where technology has become...

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