Individualism Versus Collectivism Composition


In respect to Hofstede's study of national cultures, Bangladesh has a index score of 20 on individuality aspect. (The global imply is 48) This empirically shows that Bangladesh is a collectivist country. Therefore community goals and passions supersede personal goals. Below are a few examples to compliment this declare.

Career selection: Family takes on a huge part in selecting the career way of their kids. Most father and mother force youngsters to choose a career that they believe are great (usually remedies or engineering), ignoring the child's pursuits and features. At the end of the day, most children give in with their parents needs to make all of them happy or because they may have no way out.

Marriage: In Bangladesh, people strongly trust in the saying that " Marriages happen between two family members, not just two individuals”. In individualistic contemporary society, a marriage usually occurs mainly because two people just like each other, regardless of the fact whether their parents approve of this or certainly not. Our faith, combined with the west entails couples to get the required " yes” from their individual families before proceeding. Oftentimes, couples have to separate possibly after getting in a marriage for many years, only because family and contemporary society has a bigger say within their lives than their own claim.

Sharing the responsibility: We constantly hear the parents claim, " Your misconduct is likely to make people point fingers your way! ” Persons from the american culture will dsicover this affirmation rather strange because while an adult, you are responsible for your actions. Sometimes, even a complete organization is deemed poor when a one employee does something scandalous. Society sees the person's behaivour like a reflection of the institution he belongs to. They fail to understand that one person would not define the whole institution.

Resolving issues: Up against a crisis, we usually look for help from our family and pals. We do not hesitate to let these people in upon our personal matters....