Essay about signs

333 some. 1 Illustrate the likely signs, symptoms, indicators and behaviours which may cause concern in the framework of protecting. Physical Mistreatment

May entail hitting, banging, throwing, using, poisoning, drowning, suffocating, and any physical harm to a child. This may end up being caused by parents/carers or noted adults whom may also make-up symptoms of condition. Signs and Symptoms Indicators and behaviors Bruises around the cheeks, hearing, - Repeated injuries during time Palms, arms and feet. -- Runaway attempts and anxiety about going residence Bruises within the back, bottom, - Not any attempt to obtain comfort when ever hurt Multiple bruises in clusters, - Wary of adults Usually around the upper biceps and triceps or outer thighs. -- Persistent deficiency from school Bumps which appears to be it has been caused- Flinch once touched By fingers, a hand, or perhaps an object i. e. seatbelt, shoe and so forth - Extreme or withdrawn Large oblong shaped mouthful marks. -- Bad language/behaviour when playing Burns which have a clear form of an object, -- Sad/crying

Electronic. g. cigarette burns. -- Depression

Melts away to the back of hands, feet, -- Poor memory/concentration Legs, genitals, or buttocks.


This is how a infant's basic requirements are not getting met and results in a decline in health or development. For the child this might mean insufficient food/drink, deficiency of medical attention as needed or incorrect clothing each of the basic requires a child needs to have. Abandonment- Major depression

Lack of medical/dental needs- Attention seeking

Lack of supervision- Tiredness

Hunger- Steals foodstuff or begs

Poor hygiene- Persistent absence

Untreated conditions e. g. Head lice, Skin disorders

Sexual Misuse

Forcing or enticing a child or perhaps young person to engage in sex activities. This may involve penetration assault (rape or mouth sex) and may even also be non-penetrable (masturbation, the kiss and/or touching) Non-contact actions can also be included such as looking at or producing images of...