Problem Solving Process Part 2 Essay

п»їThere were many ways we could have done things to make the adjustment convenient for all included. Our problem was funds management and being able to find the money for a somewhat reasonable lifestyle that has not been the polar opposite of what we had been used to living. Some of the techniques I will perform my exploration, is to compile a list of all our wants and in another list, all our requirements. Out of the needs list I will look into approaches to cut back investing in each of people bills. One example is: if our internet is a need, but the cable television is a want, we could possibly look into lowering our wire package or perhaps eliminating it all together till our financial situation get back on the right track. Another likelihood to consider is making the internet a want, and using the selection as a resource to do paper until funds get back on track. For the bills which might be needs, just like electric and other utilities, perhaps trying to conserve and look for strategies to save on all those bills can also benefit our family. There are also several companies offering budget charges, where they take the average of your monthly bill for a year and break it up throughout the month. The wants, while they may be nice, aren't needed to be in a position to live easily. Instead of spending $40 going out to eat, you may spend 50 % of that and still have a nutritious meal at home. We is going to overcome the struggles of this problem by knowing inside our heads that it can be just temporary and when I get a job, we can go back to how we were accustomed to doing items when there were two incomes. This solution was hit with quite a bit of adverse energy, even from the adults, but in time we were in a position to come towards the realization that individuals are not since bad away as we may have been, had we not reworked our budget.