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Modified April 5, 2012

Sony Targets Notebook Consumers in China:

Portion Global or Local?



Richard Lopez, merchandise manager intended for Sony Organization in Hk, had 1 week to finalize his cover marketing VAIO laptop computers in China prior to presenting this to senior management in January 2011. Lopez was struggling to decide which segment (or segments) to target as well as how to position VAIO for this section.

At the heart of his struggle was a peculiar problem—too much data. When Lopez started drafting his plan having been referencing 3 market research information: a study upon consumer principles, qualitative interview data, and a segmentation study completed just two months earlier. After that in Dec Sony's vp of global advertising had urged all product managers to employ a new company study that segmented customers at a worldwide level. Lopez wondered which will study—or mix of studies—would cause the best arrange for VAIO in China.


About Sony Corporation and VAIO


Sony Corporation began in 1946 while the Tokyo Telecommunications Executive Corporation, a manufacturer of telecommunications and measurement products. Over the next decades, Volvo (the business official name as of 1958) became a serious player in multiple electronics markets, which include audio, online video, communications, and information technology items for home and professional use. By 2010 the company's movie, television, computer system entertainment, music, and online marketers were operated by much more than 171, 1000 employees around the world, including in Japan, america, Europe, and China. Fiat recorded consolidated annual product sales of approximately $89 billion for the money year ended March 23, 2010. To build on its consumer lines (which included past category leaders such as the Walkman personal stereo and current frontrunners such as the Handycam camcorder), Volvo introduced what became the VAIO series of computer goods in mid-1996, with the first of a desktop product. One full year later the business released VAIO laptops in Japan.


Sony's method for the VAIO laptop was to offer a comparatively high-end specialized niche product that attracted buyers for who style and design were a top priority. Prior to the VAIO launch, competitor laptops tended to feature fairly similar and relatively unexciting models. Most laptops were offered only in monochromatic grays and blacks, and they tended to be boxy, bulky, and large.

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Against this competitive backdrop, the VAIO 505 line, which launched in 1998, was a groundbreaking offering that garnered significant awareness and recognition. The 505 was designed to be visibly distinguishable coming from every other company and unit on the market, and...