Essay regarding Truth

Cover Letter

Fitness and Nutrition are to factors by which drive my desire to this day. Without them, I wouldn't be where I am today. Today I was more mentally and physically stabilized, having a better self-esteem, optimistic, with the right state of mind and well-disciplined all thanks to P-90X and INSANITY. Before my own transformation with these applications, I had been a depressed guy, self-conscious about my own looks. Nevertheless the day emerged when it all changed. I wrote about these two exercise programs because they are better known as " Life Changers. ” People all over America are searching for strategies to better themselves physically and i also believe that the two of these programs will be the key. P-90X and INSANITY deliver promising results and deserve identification for this sort of promises.

Our government has been resting and betraying our fellow citizens since the dawn of the United States. But the biggest lie they have hit all of us with is the 1969 Moon Landing. Basically, IT HARDLY EVER HAPPENED. There are enormous amounts of evidence that proves that it was all a hoax. It appears to me that all of the traditional event that has happened in the us have possibly been planned, hoaxed, or misunderstood. And the Moon Landing fits almost all 3 categories. It's amazing how our own government may lie about such an event(sarcasm). I composed about this celebration due to the fact that persons still imagine we basically did arrive at the moon when the truth is, we did not. The truth needs to be out, as well as the government has to speak the facts, but they never will so in retrospect I'm speaking it to them.