Sustainability Report Essay


Prepared intended for Myanmar Possessing Company

Table of content

Executive Summary3

1 . Introduction4

2 . Background4

3. Problems and Problems4

3. 1 Social expense of local community4

3. 2 Environmental cost5

3. a few Lack of transparency5

4. Discussion5

4. you Social responsibility of the company5

4. two Environmental responsibility of the company7

4. three or more Economic benefits to group and state7

4. 5 Sustainable business8

5. Recommendations8

6. Execution 10


A. Implementation plan 11

References doze

Executive Brief summary

The record provides underlying causes, and ways to find a way to solve the situation based on the dispute between Myanmar Keeping Company and local community. It can be prepared intended for the company CEO as the board of directors decided to review and analyses the present situation with recommendations for the situation solving. The mandatory information can be collected via local papers and statement of point out inquiry commission payment for that matter.

Currently, the company provides temporarily revoked its operation as group protest become intense. The key issues increased during the protest are straight related to interpersonal cost, environmental cost and lack of visibility on the procedure from deal with the authorities to implementing. Therefore , to be able to alleviate this dispute with local community and sustain the business enterprise, the company has to take a bank account on interpersonal, environmental and economic impact in the region it functions. It is also essential not to denude the all-natural capitals for future years generation.

To become a sustainable organization and great corporate citizenship, the company has to take a required action based on the tips. These are making an agenda for social durability, comprehensive method for environmental sustainability, and establishment of liable corporate governance. The record also includes a proposed execution plan with detailed action steps, responsible persons and a timeline.

As the local protest is still smoldering and it happens once again at any time, the company should apply the advice effectively and quickly.

Water piping Mine Challenge: Corporate Cultural Responsibility Thought

1 . Advantages

Myanmar Having Company is currently facing issues of neighborhood inhabitants for their loss of harvest lands and displacement as a result of copper exploration. Following for the event, the corporation board of director chaired by CEO, decided to produce a review and assessment within the current happening and find out feasible solution to minimize these situations.

The purpose of the report is to explore underlying causes of the local people's protest and methods to tackle current issues. It will likewise be discussed about how to formulate a eco friendly business on the long run.

2 . Background

Myanmar Holding copper mineral mine nearby the Chindwin Water in middle section dry zone of Myanmar has been functioning for nearly 2 years and it is open up pit mining. The company is known as a joint venture among Myanmar and China buyers.

In 2010, the organization made agreement with central government of Myanmar that was military regime. In 2011, the regime paid to the democratically elected government. Although local community did not share their bewailing to the business at the beginning because of brutality of the previous federal government, they started to raise the problems of their suffering and difference in the reign of new authorities.

Because of employing mining work, estimated 6, 000 homes have been displaced...

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