case 3M Essay

Topic: How 3M draws up sales and spending forecasts?


1 ) Sketch out the 3M firm structure in the board of directors to the production honcho, chief, gaffer boss as best since you can from the data in the article

Management panel

(President, seven group vice presidents and nine vice presidents of staff departments) 


Groups of divisions

(Group vice presidents and Group head)


(General managers)


(Department managers)

Leading aides


installment payments on your How various organizational levels are there? Just how many efficient organizations are there? The article will not list these types of functional organizations. What features might generally there be in a company just like 3M?

There are seven company levels. You will discover five functional organizations which include Accounting, Promoting, Manufacturing, Research and development, and Customer service.

several. How various product line partitions are there? Just how many products was 3M producing at the time? Who will be Ed Kane's " leading aides? ” What do you believe they do?

There are 44 products divisions in 3M. 3M makes thirty-five, 000 products at the time, which include tape recorders, camera film, gift idea wrap, sandpaper, and commercial adhesives, besides scotch recording. I think that Ed Kane's " best aides” is definitely his own management crew. The top helps help Male impotence Kane to complete forecasting and defining concerns for their department. 4. Illustrate the cash strategy process by 3M from start to finish. What are the results at each degree of the organization and when does it happen?

The budgeting process begins at the flower foreman level and move through narrowing levels of supervisors, managers, and executives. At each major level-division, group of partitions, and total company – competing says for each dollars are referred and well-balanced.

At first, for each division, the general managers financial constraints from targeted profit. They should conduct realist plans, including short-range and long-range in order to achieve the net income target. When ever Ed...