Essay on Character Information

History/Occupation: Phoebe is a junior in senior high school, who is considered as the popular girl. The explanation states that she is one of many " hot” ones. Phoebe also has her parents who have are together, however they are generally not the typical content couple. Inside the monologue, Phoebe describes a snippet of her parent's relationship and just how she would sit down in her closet until the fighting halted. Besides her parents, Phoebe also talked about a earlier relationship having a boy known as Phil.

Target: The goal of Phoebe seems to be the great but rude teenager. She's never the mean person, but she is she could be blunt most of the times. I really believe Phoebe's goal is to be an excellent friend toward Margot, and attempt as being a good friend for the boys. Yet , she is not successful, possibly as a result of underlying concerns. Because of her relationship with her daddy, she might feel distinct towards the kids.

Associations: Phoebe seems to have a different romance with each individual. Her romance with Margot seems like an excellent friendship. Phoebe is definitely worried about Margot and her romantic relationship with Mike. Phoebe demands questions prior to the night really gets began, as well as getting there and trying to relaxed her once Mike does not show up. Phoebe's relationship with Derek, Hunter, and Wade, seems comparable. She basically exactly inhospitable towards them, but this lady has this marriage with them where your woman might demonstrate some resentment because of her relationship with her dad. When Phoebe talks about her relationship with her parents, it doesn't seem like it's a great one.

Tactic: Phoebe might make use of a few distinct tactics during her parts. Most parts when she actually is with more than one individual she may use a even more obnoxious sculpt and work more frustrating towards persons. However , if Phoebe is just are Margot, or a one person, your woman might be calmer and have an even more subtle strengthen with people. An additional tactic the girl might use is underlying misery. Because of her relationship with her parents she...