Essay upon Catfish Creek

Business Summary


Meet Charlie Davidson. For over 20 years, Steve has been a devoted recreational canoer. In addition , Steve also attained wood working expertise during 12-15 of his 20 years canoeing, and for earlier times 10 years Sam has merged his appreciate for canoeing with his woodworking abilities. This combination of hobby and skills resulted in the style and development of three canoes which in turn Steve marketed after applying each for one season. During an attempt to get a kayak, Steve was aghast at the price and quality of retail canoes. Steve employed his dissatisfaction as an opportunity to embark on an enterprise venture: he will build hand made canoes created from planks; and sell these people for a high grade. Steve enrolled the help of the faculty and graduates with the Richard Ivey School of Business, on the University of Western Ontario, by enrolling in the 12-week business plan at the Pioneeringup-and-coming Manufacturing Generator (EMG) in St . Thomas. After good completion of the business course, Dorrie proceeded to rent work area from EMG to commence his business. This location gave Dorrie access not just in the EMG workshop, although also to instructors and a variety of business resources. Armed with these solutions, Steve attempt to open his business in August of 1998 with the program of completing 30 canoes annually. The next analysis details Steve's marketing and pricing techniques for his business, Catfish Creek Canoe Business (CCC), fantastic estimated profits and expenses for 1998.

SWOT Evaluation

Conducting a SWOT research will be helpful to Steve in determining whether it would be profitable to enter the canoe building industry. In order to make such a conclusion; Steve will need to examine his strengths, disadvantages, opportunities and threats. Talents:

• Knowledge and Abilities: Steve offers over 20 numerous years of canoeing knowledge and 15 years of woodworking experience; a variety of which will contribute positively for the construction of handcrafted canoes. • Marketing Alliance: Concluding the 12-week program offered the resources and support network pertaining to Steve's start-up business. • Marketing: The use of the World Wide Web can make CCC obvious to anyone with internet access. Weak points:

• Staff: The lack of staff ensures that Steve will need to take time from building to take orders and ship accomplished canoes. • Sole Craftsman: By creating the canoes himself, Dorrie could fall behind schedule in the event that he becomes ill and cannot help a period of time; or perhaps if this individual encounters some other mishaps. • Direct Labor Cost: CCC did not depth its immediate labor cost per kayak; hence, this omission may distort the actual total expense of the canoe, which will subsequently affect various other totals. Options:

• Logos Strategy: Authenticating its canoes leads to marketing which will differentiate CCC's canoes from those of other manufacturers. Brand-conscious buyers will relate CCC's canoes with top quality and uniqueness. • CCC may be able to move into providing various other complementary normal water sport goods to it is loyal clients. • Target Market: Professionals with above-average cash flow are usually attracted to higher quality products which are generally higher priced. Threats:

• Other Manufacturers: The market intended for canoes was already established; therefore, CCC may well experience setbacks as a fresh entrant. • Economic Effects: The market pertaining to higher-end canoes is susceptible to recession. • Other Leisure Activities: Person may choose to be involved in other activities rather than water sports.

Marketing Strategy

CCC's key mode of promotion would be the use of the World Wide Web. This strategy is likely to make the company obvious to a person with internet access; therefore, increasing its potential customer foundation. In addition , advertising and marketing in the main canoeing magazine will provide access to canoeing enthusiasts. As well, the use of press releases to speak the creation of new versions to industry and recreational associations will assist CCC having its...