Case Study: Pauli’s Restaurant Composition

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Case Study:

Pauli's Restaurant and Microbrewery

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Joanna Paula P. Cuario

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Mr. Reynaldo Navacilla

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Pauli's Restaurant and Microbrewery


Pauli's Restaurant and Microbrewery is a superb downtown bar in a main city. It has different spots or expansions in six regional urban centers and also operates a corporate internet site. On which, one of many features of the restaurant's internet site is consumers' feedback section that is directly sent to the organization Vice President also to the General Director.

However , Pauli's Restaurant and Microbrewery is experiencing several issues, specially in customer service and a few internal managing. It was found out by the Vice President and General Manager the particular one of their dedicated customers sent a complaint. And portion of the complaint was your following: Assistance (attending to customer needs) was very sluggish, lack of suitable or current menu data, waitress would not ask for a great apology, and lack of cafe crew people.

Statement and Details of the situation

Building a restaurant in the business sector is not that simple to maintain and get what customers' wishes. There are times which the restaurant will unquestionably experience different contingencies, especially when it talks about customer service. You will find lot of issues that the owner should program and learn exceptional techniques and strategy in order for the cafe to succeed the customers' tastes and preferences, and develop buyer relationship. With the case study, the proponent surely could observe and determine specific problems regarding the situation. Allow me to share the following challenges of Pauli's Restaurant and Microbrewery:

* How can the Pauli's Restaurant and Microbrewery incorporate their best Total Quality Administration practice that involves human resource, external and internal customers, and quality assurance administration in increasing their customer support and in order for them to keep up with the loyalty with their customers? Functions of the restaurant's servers happen to be inconsistent and the service can be inadequate, intended for such reasons, they lack updated menu information, waiters/waitresses are too over-committed to many dining tables, their support is too slow and they lack rapport. 2. What actions should the General Manager or perhaps the Vice President do regarding the problem that they are yet to had received from their faithful customer? With this issue, the General Manager will need to directly reply and ask pertaining to apologize, for the man failed to apologize due to their awful service. The General Manager will need to give peace of mind to their buyer that it will not occur again and really should improve and manage the machine in the cafe.

2. What other option actions they need to add or perhaps change and improve their customer service? Upper positions should policy for a General getting together with in order for them to discuss the issues that their cafe is facing. Human resource ought to hire new applicants and train these people accordingly and quality assurance ought to manage and take control to get the quality and services they will offer/serve consumers.


The goal of the case analyze is to recognize best practices in order to formulate operational framework and offer integration directives for employing and monitoring the business. Here are the distinctive objectives that had been identified: 1 ) TRAINING. To build up and improve the customer service given by all the deck hands of the cafe. 2 . TECHNIQUE. To make steady and reliable schedule to get the concerns and improvised online transactions/reservations. 3. RECRUITMENT. To hire extra crew associates in order to lessen waiting consumers waiting period. 4. EXPERTIES. To make every personnel conscious of their tasks.


It truly is analyzed that actual remark of the execution of good...